Smart Health (SMHEALTH)


The adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the health sector led to the conception of electronic health (e-Health), which contributed to the reduction of costs and the increase of efficiency. Following the consolidation of e-Health, the widespread use of mobile devices with self-locating and communication capabilities (e.g., smartphones) opens the door to a new concept of health – mobile health (m-Health ), which can be understood as the delivery of health services through mobile devices. On the other hand, ICTs are used by local and regional governments to encourage the deployment of so-called Smart Cities. M-Health has extraordinary potential, as it adds to the benefits of e-Health all the benefits related to the ubiquity of mobile devices. Because m-Health and Smart Cities are studied independently, they have rarely converged on common points of contact in the world of scientific research. However, we believe that the infrastructure and technologies of smart cities could be harnessed and mixed with the concepts of m-Health and telemedicine to create a new and much more powerful concept: Smart Health. The research group applies these concepts to improve people’s quality of life, care, health, and medical processes.

  • Dr. Agustín Solanas Gómez

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  • Health and health care in the context of Smart Cities and cognitive environments.
  • Use of Yate technology and Big Data for the study and optimization of processes involving people, their mobility and their quality of life.
  • Support for health professionals to achieve their goals and improve activities by applying ICT.
  • Security and privacy in health and health technology.

  • CONDOR-SECURE – Seguridad, privacidad y ética para entornos urbanos cognitivos y resilientes (PID2021-127409OB-C33)

  • ACTUA – Anàlisi Contextual dels factors de mitigació de la Transmissió de la COVID19 a l’aUlA (PANDEMIES2020)

  • Goodbrother – Network on Privacy-Aware Audio- and Video-Based Applications for Active and Assisted Living (COST action 19121)

  • LOCARD – Lawful evidence cOllecting & Continuity plAtfoRm Development (H2020-SU-SEC-2018-832735)

  • IoTrain – Implementation of Interactive, Connected and Secure Contextual Environments for rail passenger transport supported by the Internet of Things and Flexible Computing (RTI2018-095499-B-C32)

  • CRYPTACUS – Cryptanalysis of Ubiquitous Computing Systems (COST action IC1403)

  • MP-TIC – Suport a la mobilització precoç amb el suport de les TIC (2017R2B-07)

  • APANICU – Assessment of pain in newborns in neonatal ICUs with intelligent systems (2013R2B-06)

  • SIMPATIC – Intelligent System for Private and Autonomous Monitoring based on Information and Communications Technologies (RECERCAIXA2013)

  • VIPP – Videovigilàcia Informatitzada amb Protecció de la Privadesa (2012R2B-01)

  • The LOST project – (2010R2B-02)

Team Members

  • Group leader

    • Dr. Agustín Solanas Gómez
  • Senior researcher

    • Antoni Martínez Ballesté
    • Maria Ferré Bergadà
  • PhD student

    • Armando Maya
    • Juvenal Machín
    • Edgar Batista De Frutos
  • Welfare

    • Montserrat Garcia Martínez
  • Technician

    • Bryan Porras
    • Roger Bosch