Mission, vision and strategy

In this section you can consult the mission, vision and strategic plan of the IISPV, so that you can know our road map and the values ​​with which we want to permeate the corporate culture that will face future challenges.


The aim of the IISPV is to become a national and international center of reference in biomedical research and translation, at the service of the population. It also wants to establish itself as a reference instrument for health centers in its own field, and to promote synergies that favor research in the field of biomedicine and its transfer to society.

To be a center of reference in research, innovation and biomedical transfer at national and international level, through an efficient and sustainable model that allows to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of patients and society in general.

Consult here the strategic plan of our institution, which outlines the main lines of action from the year 2021 until 2025.