Nutrition and Metabolic Health Research Group (NuMeH)


The main objective of the Nutrition and Metabolic Health Research Group is to integrate nutritional and metabolic knowledge for a better understanding of high prevalent and increasing incidence non-communicable diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dementia and cancer. The multidisciplinary group encompasses researchers with expertise in nutrition, lifestyle, and multi-omic (metabolomics-microbiota-transcriptomics) research, strong experience in epidemiological, clinical and pharmacological studies, allowing the progress in the knowledge of these diseases with an holistic and an integrative vision, to better identify biomarkers and target molecules useful for the design of preventive and therapeutic strategies in the field of personalized medicine.

  • Mònica Bulló Bonet

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NuMeH is a multidisciplinary research group with solid experience in using epidemiological, clinical and pre-clinical approaches to nutrition and lifestyle interactions with chronic pathologies of increasing incidence such as cardiometabolic diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s diseases and other neurodegenerative diseases and neurotoxicity syndromes. With a strategy clearly focused in the ODS3 identified by the UN in the agenda 2030, the group works in the integration of molecular, clinical, nutritional and environmental data with the aim of improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. The identification of molecular mechanisms, peripheral biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets, with the integration of the new omic sciences as a central axis in which the group works, is a key tool to advance the innovation and technology transfer and respond to the most important health’s challenges of the current and future society.

Epidemiological studies integrating clinical and multi-omics data (metabolomics, transcriptomics, microbiota) to identify molecular mechanisms, risk biomarkers and therapeutic targets for cardiometabolic diseases and Alzheimer’s disease

Nutritional intervention studies to evaluate the effect of diets, foods and food components on the metabolome, the transcriptome and the microbiome and its impact on health at clinical and pre-clinical level.

Pre-clinical studies to characterize the molecular mechanisms dysregulated in the disease, for the design of more effective nutritional or pharmacological treatments.

Evaluation of neurotoxicity induced by the intake of foods containing toxins from marine organisms.

A comprehensive life-style and multi-omics integrative approach to study metabolic processes related to cognitive function, cognitive decline and progression to dementia. Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria. Instituto de Salud Carlos III. PI22/01139. 2023-2025. IP: M Bulló

Untangling the link between Insulin Resistance and AD through Metabolomics. Alzheimer Association (USA). ARG-NTF-22-924702.2022-2024. IP: M Bulló. Co-IP: C Papandreou

Role of circulating micro-RNAs as potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets of insulin resistance and Alzheimer’s disease. Instituto de Salud Carlos III-Proyectos colaborativos centrales y de investigación traslacional CIBERned. Coordinador: JL Cantero. IP. M Bulló: 2022-2024

Effects of almond consumption on innate myeloid and lymphoid cells composition and activity. Almond Board of California (USA). 2021-2023. IP: M Bulló

Metabolomic profiles in blood and urine as predictors of response to immunotherapy in lung cancer patients. Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria. Instituto de Salud Carlos III. PI20/01094.2021-2023. IP: C Papandreou

Dietary modulation of miRNAs linking type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer disease: Toward a precision health approach. Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria. Instituto de Salud Carlos III. PI19/00854. 2020-2022 IP: M Bulló

Prevention and Remediation of Insulin Multimorbidity in Europe (PRIME). European Commission. H2020-SC1-BHC-2018-2020. 2025. Coordinador: B Franke. IP. M Bulló

Effect of a Mediterranena Diet on gut microbiota composition and function. Instituto DANONE. 2018-2020. IP: M Bulló

Mental health, nutrition and cognition: follow-up study of the Impact of an Intervention in Mediterranean diet and promotion of physical activity in elderly people with overweight and obesity. Association of a virtual facilitator of the intervention. ERIS – Generalitat de Catalunya, PERIS – Pla estratègic de recerca i innovació en salut. 2018-2021. Coordinador F Fernández-Aranda. IP: M Bulló

Effect of healthy food or a healthy mediterranean diet on gut microbiota composition and its role on metabòlic health (METADIET). Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria. Instituto de Salud Carlos III. PI/00516. 2017-2019. IP: M Bulló

Dispositivo muestreador de micro y nanopartículas en ecosistemas acuáticos y sistema de captación asociado al mismo. Patent: U202031396. R Carafa, J Folch, J Sierra, N Expósito

Validation of protoypes of microplastics sensors and marine pollution measures. DARP – Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Generalitat de Catalunya Call: Aid from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. ARP163/21/000141. 2021. IP: J Folch

Scientific and Medical advice on the approval/renewal of drug marketing authorisations. Laboratorios ERN. T20018S. 2020. IP: FX Sureda

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Team Members

  • Director

    • Mònica Bulló Bonet
  • Principal Investigators

    • Christopher Papandreou
    • Jaume Folch
    • Francesc X. Sureda Batlle
    • Miren Ettcheto Arriola
    • Antoni Camins Espuny
  • Clinical Researchers

    • Pierre Arcelín Zabal
    • Beatriz Yerla Lorenzana
    • Mireia Barberà Heras
    • Nuria Ibarrola Jurado
  • Post-doctoral Researchers

    • Àngels Tudó Casanova
    • Josefina Ruiz de Azúa
  • Pre-doctoral researchers

    • Laia Gutiérrez Tordera
    • Melina Rojas Criollo
    • Àlex Folch López
    • Nil Novau Ferré
    • Marina Carrasco Pérez