COVID-19 Screening Method


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    TRL 7

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    Youcef Azeli, MD, PhD; Eduard Llobet, PhD; Albert Fernandez, PhD

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    Looking for a partner interested in a license and/or a collaboration agreement to develop and exploit this asset.

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COVID-19 Screening Method

  • The Need

    The COVID pandemic will last a few years and cannot be fully controlled until it is eradicated in all parts of the world. The early detection of symptoms and rapid testing are the basis of an efficient screening strategy to control COVID-19 transmission. Detection of asymptomatic and poorly symptomatic cases that are capable of transmitting the disease is still an unresolved issue.

  • The Solution

    Our research group has succeeded in developing a unique artificial intelligence-based mass screening COVID-19 based on symptoms and the recognition of an aroma of a hydroalcoholic gel with a high sensitivity (97%). A high-quality study has been completed and the European patent has recently been submitted. Regulatory procedures have been explored and we are awaiting companies willing to invest in a hydroalcoholic gel with obvious added value because its use will be linked to an online questionnaire that is useful for predicting COVID-19.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Easy implementation
    Low cost
    Easy distribution in all the world
    No cost of development
    No adverse effects
    Available in the market in 1 month

  • Sector

    Mass screening tool

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