Descripció del treball

The Pere Virgili Institute for Health Research (IISPV) is an institution that integrates research in the field of biomedicine in the “Camp de Tarragona” and the “Terres de l’Ebre”. The IISPV is the instrument that the university hospitals of both health regions have been endowed with (Joan XXIII University Hospital of Tarragona, Verge de la Cinta Hospital of Tortosa, Sant Joan de Reus University Hospital, Institut Pere Mata University Hospital of Reus) and Rovira and Virgili University, in order to bring together and manage biomedical research and innovation in the territory.

We offer a part-time contract in the benchmark of the project “OnBREATHE: Personal air quality monitoring & data digitalisation to track chronic respiratory diseases” funded by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III with reference PMPTA22/00028. The OnBREATHE project is a collaboration of different groups of the IISPV and the University Rovira i Vigili, led by the Environmental Toxicology and Metabolomics group (http://deeea.urv.cat/thsproject/), part of the Pediatrics, Nutrition and Human Development Research Unit (https://www.iispv.cat/es/grup/unitat-de-recerca-en-pediatria-nutricio-i-desenvolupament-huma-urpndh/), and including the  Microsystems Nanotechnologies for Chemical Analysis Research Group (http://deeea.urv.cat/grupminos/), and the research group in Chromatography and Environmental Applications ( http://www.croma.urv.cat/ca/).

Number of available positions:1


The selected candidate will work in close collaboration with the MINOS group and perform the following tasks:

  • Development of a data transmission program via Bluetooth from a microcontroller to a mobile app.
  • Verification and improvement of the electronic device board
  • Microcontroller programming in a high-level language (C++)
  • Microelectronics compilation and debugging environment
  • Transmission protocols of the Bluetooth environment
  • Design and manufacture of PCBs
  • Writing of reports and tehcnical protocols



  • Electronic or telecommunications engineering or similar, at any of these educational levels:
    • University degree
    • Technical engineering
    • Or higher profesional degree.



  • Knowledge of design and 3D printing
  • Previous experience on the development and verification of electronic devices
  • Proactivity and commitment to high standards of quality
  • Ability of continuous learning, flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability of team working, organization and planning
  • Good communication skills



  • Selection of CV’s. Suitable and unsuitable CV’s will be identified according to the requirements. Applicants who do not meet the requirements indicated in the candidate profile and requirements will not pass to the next phase.
  • Evaluation of the CV. Evaluation of the CVs up to a maximum score of 50 points.
  • Motivation Letter. Attached to the resume a motivation letter with a maximum length of 2500 characters with spaces. With a maximum score of 10 points.


To access the interview phase it is necessary to have obtained a minimum score of 35 points in the sum of scores of the evaluation of the curriculum and motivation letter

  • Personal interview. With a maximum score of 40 points.


Items 40
Attitude 5
Fitting in the work place 10
Experience, developed functions/skills 20
Teamwork 5



  • President: Eduard Llobet (Group Leader)
  • Chair 1: Noelia Ramírez (Principal Investigator)
  • Chair 2: Xavier Blanch (Technician)


  • President: Xavier Vilanova (Principal Investigator)
  • Chair 1: Xavier Correig (Principal Investigator)
  • Chair 2: Óscar Castro (Technician)




  • The CV must include the DNI/NIE number or another personal identity document number.
  • Motivation letter for the position is compulsory.
  • Send the CV and the Mortivation Letter through the IISPV website.https://www.iispv.cat/treballa-amb-nosaltres/


For any questions or queries: recruitment@iispv.cat





In view of the fact that all the candidates have resigned or were excluded from the call for applications, an extraordinary application period will be opened until September 28, 2023.

The IISPV will notify the candidates of the results of the different phases of the selection process through its website.




The IISPV has the European accreditation The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R), complies with the general principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers.

The IISPV has an internal recruitment policy that follows the Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment (OTM-R) policies. More information about the HRS4R policies implemented at the IISPV is available on the following website: https://www.iispv.cat/hrs4r-hr-excellenceresearch/

The IISPV will guarantee the right to equal opportunities and treatment, as well as the real and effective exercise of rights by people with disabilities under equal conditions with respect to other citizens, through the promotion of personal autonomy, universal accessibility, access to employment, inclusion in the community and independent living and the eradication of any form of discrimination, in accordance with articles 9.2, 10, 14 and 49 of the Spanish Constitution and the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and international treaties and agreements ratified by Spain.

In the event of a tie, priority will be given to hiring the person with a disability.

In the event of a tie between people of different genders, the person of the least represented gender in the work group/department/service in which he joins will be hired.

Condicions laborals

  • Part-time position (20 h)
  • Workplace: DEEEA Pilot plants, Campus Sescelades, Tarragona
  • Contract: Temporary, 12 months.
  • Gross annual salary: From 9.528,47 € to 13.926,22 €, according to the candidate’s qualifications and experience.
  • Starting date: October 2023