Flow Cytometry Facility (FCF)

Flow Cytometry Facility (FCF)

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Flow cytometry is a technology that allows the analysis of cells, particles, or microorganisms as they pass through one or more lasers while suspended in a buffered saline solution. Each particle is analysed for visible light scattering and one or multiple fluorescence parameters; therefore, it must be possible to label the particles with one or more fluorescent substances (eg, fluorescence-conjugated antibodies, propidium iodide, or green fluorescent protein (GFP), etc). This multiparametric study allows analysing of subpopulations in complex samples.

The recently created IISPV Flow Cytometry Facility is dedicated to helping both internal and external IISPV scientists with technical-scientific advice to develop reliable flow cytometry assays that meet current quality standards.

With the collaboration of:


  • – FACS Aria III Cell Sorter (Becton&Dickinson), configured with three lasers with capacity to analyse 16 parameters: 14 fluorescence and 2 light scattering: forward scatter (FSC: relative size) and side scatter (SSC: relative complexity).
  • – AutoMACS®, high-speed magnetic cell sorting.
  • – Vortex, pipettes and refrigerator.


The FACS Aria III Cell Sorter is located on the 7th floor of the Joan XXIII University Hospital in an area of approximately 25 square metres.



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    Acquisition and Analysis: Study of cells or particles based on their fluorescent characteristics or light scattering dispersion.

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    Cell Sorter: The Flow Cytometry Facility has a sorter-analyser cytometer thet allows cells or particles to be separated based on parameters previously defined by the oeprator.

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    Support: Flow cytometry is a powerful tool. An optimal experimental design is crucial to be able to obtain the maximum advantage from the technology, for this reason, it is necessary to dedicate time to it. The FCF offers support to users on the experimental design, upon request of the principal investigator and according to the availability of the facility’s staff.

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    Self-service: The self-service is considered only for advanced users, previously authorized by FCF.

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    Teaching: The Facility organizes flow cytometry courses in order to instruct future professionals in the flow cytometry field and your applications. For this reason, it has started a series of training courses aimed at bachelor students. These courses will be extended to master and doctoral students in the near future.

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    Analysis of Results: The Facility makes available to users a FlowJo License, which allows offline analysis on the user’s own computer. As well as the BD FACS DIVA™ software, which can be used directly on the cytometer.

Erika Scholz, PhD. Head of Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility.


Pilar Gutiérrez Ventas


Joan XXIII University Hospital
C/ Dr. Mallafrè Guasch, 4

7th floor
43007 – Tarragona

Phone: +34 977297996

Adress: citometria@iispv.cat