Histological, cytological and digitization studies

Histological, cytological and digitization studies


The Histological, Cytological and Digitalization Studies Unit is a platform that supports research through histological and cytological studies of biological samples for researchers both internal and external to the IISPV. The platform has adequate facilities to carry out immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, in situ hybridization and molecular studies techniques. It also offers the possibility of digitizing digital microscopic images and image analysis studies.

The unit is made up of technical and research staff from the Oncological Pathology and Bioinformatics Research Group recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya (SGR 428).

With the support of:



  • 01

    Advice on methods of collection of biological samples, preparation of the same and different types of conservation of samples.

  • 02

    Management of biological samples with pre-analytical processing of tissues and cytological materials, with maccro and microscopic photographs of histological pieces, biopsies and cytological samples.

  • 03

    Performing regular staining (HE, Pap smear, rapid staining) and special staining (histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence, in situ hybridization and molecular studies).

  • 04

    Image analysis.

  • 05

    Digitizing slides, tagging and storing scanned images.

  • 06

    Database development.

  • 07

    Preparation of paraffin blocks from the samples received and preparation of multi-woven matrices (tissue-arrays).

Unit Headt: Ramon Bosch Príncep
A/e: rbosch.ebre.ics@gencat.cat

Unit Cordinator: Carlos López Pablo
A/e: clopezp.ebre.ics@gencat.cat

Technical Manager: Bárbara Tomás Arasa / Marylène Lejeune
A/e: btomasar.ebre.ics@gencat.cat / mlejeune.ebre.ics@gencat.cat

Hospital de Tortosa verge de la Cinta
C/ Esplanetes 14, 43500 Tortosa
Telèfon: 977 519 104