Descripció del treball

The Diabetes and Associated Metabolic Diseases Research Group (DIAMET) is a multidisciplinary and dynamic research group focused on the study of metabolic disorders associated with diabetes mellitus morbidity and obesity. The research group is led by Dr. Sonia Fernandez-Veledo and Dr. Joan Vendrell and is comprised of clinical and basic researchers, technicians and administrative support staff.

The selected candidate will join the METASUCC project financed by ”la Caixa” Foundation and will have to develop, mainly, these tasks:

  • Planning, execution and general management of the project.
  • Design, planning and monitoring of both in vitro and animal (mice) assays
  • Writing of scientific projects and articles
  • Research dissemination and diffusion
  • Innovation and transfer tasks


Number of available positions:1

Researcher career profile (R2)



  • University degree in the field of Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Biology, Medicine or similar
  • PhD in a discipline related to Life Sciences
  • Experience in translational and preclinical research
  • Demonstrable complementary training in Innovation and Transfer



  • Competence and experience with animal models, particularly in experiments involving metabolic phenotyping and microbiota studies (certificate for Animal Experimentation)
  • Experience in the field of metabolism, obesity and associated metabolic diseases (diabetes, NAFLD, cancer)
  • Excellent skills in project writing and planning and in result-oriented execution
  • Experience in Innovation and Transference
  • Very high level of oral and written English, at least Advanced (C1)
  • Office skills (Microsoft Office) at user level.
  • Accreditable knowledge in statistics
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in research (including doctorate)
  • Ability to work in a team, ability to work autonomously, organization, friendliness, dynamism, versatility, rigor, responsibility and confidentiality.
  • A postgraduate or master study in innovation, technology Tansfer or an MBA



  • Ability for personal relationships.
  • Organizational skills
  • Motivation, creativity, initiative and proactive attitude.
  • Ability for continuous learning, flexibility and adaptability.
  • Commitment to quality, optimization of resources and achievement of results.
  • Previous experience in similar projects.
  • Ability to identify and solve problems and challenges.
  • Previous experience in projects related to intestinal metabolism and microbiota.



  • Selection of CV’s. Suitable and unsuitable CV’s will be identified according to the requirements. Applicants who do not meet the requirements indicated in the candidate profile and requirements will not pass to the next phase.
  • Evaluation of the CV. Evaluation of the CVs up to a maximum score of 40 points.
  • Cover Letter. Attach to the resume a cover letter with a maximum length of 2500 characters with spaces. With a maximum score of 20 points.

To access the interview phase it is necessary to have obtained a minimum score of 40 points in the sum of scores of the evaluation of the curriculum and cover letter

  • Personal interview. With a maximum score of 40 points.
Items 40
Attitude 10
Fit in the workplace 10
Experience, developed functions/skills 10
Teamwork 10



  • President: Sonia Fernández Veledo. (Group Leader)
  • Chair 1: Joan Vendrell. (Principal Investigator)
  • Chair 2: Victòria Ceperuelo. (Principal Investigator)


  • President: Ana Megía. (Investigador Principal)
  • Chair 1: Lída Cedó. (Principal Investigator)
  • Chair 2: Mar Rodríguez Peña. (Postdoctoral Researcher)



  • The CV must include the DNI / NIE number or another personal identity document number.
  • Send the CV and the Cover Letter through the IISPV website https://www.iispv.cat/oferta-de-treball/ic40_22-postdoctoralresearcher-for-metabolism-research-group/


For any questions or queries: recruitment@iispv.cat




The IISPV will inform the candidates if they have been admitted or excluded to access the interview.

Condicions laborals

  • Full-time position (40h/week)
  • Workplace: Hospital Universitari Joan XXIII de Tarragona
  • Contract: Indefinite of scientific-technical activities (art. 23 bis de la Ley de la Ciencia).
  • Gross anual salary: Between 27.300-30.400€, according to the candidate’s assessment
  • Starting date: October, 2022