Descripció del treball

Researcher career profiles (R1-R4): R1

Education and qualification: Human Nutrition and Dietetics University Degree

Competencies: knowledge, training and practise in pediatric nutrition studies and clinical trials. The candidates will work in clinical trials recruiting volunteer families to test the efficacy of nutritional products for infants and will perform subsequent follow up. The candidates will perform anthropometry and body composition assessment, biological samples processing, dietary intake data and biomedical data coding, under Good Clinical Practise processes. Working as a team member and conducting Research with families and children in clinical trials require interpersonal skills. If necessary, a personal interview will be performed to some candidates to take a final decision.

Knowledge and professional experience: professional experience is not a mandatory requirement, but experience or specific training on the above mentioned tasks during the degree of post-degree courses will be evaluated positively. Being a Student of the Nutrenvigen G+D Factors (or a past Student of this master) will be highly evaluated.

Number of available positions: 2 full time + 1 part time


Application procedure and deadline: Applicants should submit a full Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter with the reference IC26_21 indicating also the type of workday (Full time and/or Part time) to the following email address: curriculum@iispv.cat before September 1st 2021.

Condicions laborals

Full time positions: 40h/ week; Part time position: 20h/ week

Starting date: 1st october 2021

Lenght of the contract: 1 year (possibility of extension to 2 or 3 years)

Gross annual salary for the full time position: 16.725€ / Gross annual salary for the part time position: 8.362€

Workplace: Pediatric, Nutrition and Development Research Unit – URV – IISPV. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Reus, Spain; University Hospital de Tarragona Joan XXIII; University Hospital Sant Joan de Reus