If standing up and speaking in front of an audience is a source of anxiety, the stress is heightened even more when the official language of the conference, meeting or congress is English.

The Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation course How to improve your scientific presentations (with more than 25 face-to-face courses in Spain and France) becomes online with a new version which offers numerous techniques and practical tips for improving scientists presentations in English.

Temàtica seminari: 

"Trans-Omics analysis for reconstructing global biochemical networks”"

Comptarem amb la ponència del Dr. Xavier Correig (http://www.metabolomicsplatform.com/staff/).

També comptarem amb presentacions d'investigadors predoctorals i postdoctorals dels grups de recerca de l'IISPV.

Us agrairíem que us reservèssiu aquesta data a la vostra agenda.