Statistical Support Platform

Statistical Support Platform

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The Statistical Support Platform is a transversal statistical support platform for researchers that offers support in all phases of the development of a research project: design, analysis, dissemination and publication.

We offer an advisory service in the field of research methodology that includes bibliographic research, approach and design of the project, development of instruments for data collection, statistical analysis of the data, writing of the results in the form of scientific articles.

We also offer publication quality graphics, with a customizable design according to the criteria of the scientific journal chosen by the researcher.


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    Coordinator of the Statistical Support Platform

    Dr. Gemma Flores Mateo, specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, specialist in Family and Community Medicine. Master’s degree in Public Health from Pompeu Fabra University. PhD in Public Health and Research Methodology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona

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    Statistical and bioinformatics support

    Joan Badia, biomedical specialist in programming, data analysis, statistical support and graphic design.

The Statistics Unit has the capacity to analyze all types of data, on multiple platforms (R, STATA, SPSS, Python, Access…) and in any format.


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    Advice on the design of research protocols in order to be presented in competitive calls. Adaptation of graphics for PowerPoint or Word.

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    Statistical analysis. Elaboration of graphics following the design criteria of the chosen scientific journal.

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    Support in the publication or dissemination of the results. Support in the description of the methods used.

Dra. Gemma Flores, PhD.

Functions: coordinadora unitat d’estadística IISPV

Locations: IISPV, H. Sant Pau i Santa Tecla

ORCID: 0000-0001-6901-7327

Phone: 626 136 232


Joan Badia, Biomèdic

Functions: estadístic i bioinformàtic.

Locations: IISPV, H.U. Sant Joan de Reus, H. Sant Pau i Santa Tecla

ORCID: 0000-0001-7446-7365

Phone: 662 162 570