Request for Proposals



Topic: Melanoma.

Destination: The MRA seeks proposals in the following areas, which are focused on current unmet clinical needs in melanoma. These areas are of particular interest, will receive special consideration, and can include pre-clinical, translational, clinical, and/or correlative studies:

  • Identifying biomarkers of response/resistance to targeted and immune therapeutics.
  • Identifying specific biomarkers which may help to assess which patients with primary melanoma are at risk of metastatic disease and will benefit from adjuvant and/or neo-adjuvant therapies.
  • Advancing non-T cell-based immunotherapy approaches and other approaches examining the Tumor Microenvironment (TME).
  • Discovering novel effective therapies by repurposing drugs from other applications.
  • Interrogating melanoma preclinical models with functional genomics and other technologies to identify new targets.
  • Dissecting the molecular mechanisms of melanoma metastasis, with an emphasis on brain metastasis and leptomeningeal disease.


  • Young Investigator Award: $85,000/year.
  • Established Investigator Award: Up to $125,000/year.
  • Established Investigator Academic-Industry Partnership Award: Up to $125,000/year.
  • Pilot Award: $50,000/year.


  • Young Investigator Award: 3 years.
  • Team Science Award: 3 years.
  • Team Science Academic-Industry Partnership Award: 3 years.
  • Pilot Award: 2 years.

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