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Topic: Melanoma.

Destination: Funding for pre-clinical, translational, and early clinical research with the potential to produce unusually high impact, near-term advancements in melanoma prevention, detection, diagnosis, staging, and treatment.

Types of awards:

  • Young Investigator Award: Scientists within five years of their first academic faculty appointment. A mentorship commitment from a senior investigator is required.
  • Team Science Award: Scientist past the initial five years of their first faculty appointment.
  • Team Science Academic-Industry Partnership Award: Projects co-funded by MRA and an industry partner whose involvement is essential to the project.
  • Pilot Award: Senior investigators who propose potentially transformative ideas that do not have extensive preliminary data but articulate a clear hypothesis and translational goals



  • Young Investigator Award: $85,000/year.
  • Established Investigator Award: Up to $125,000/year.
  • Established Investigator Academic-Industry Partnership Award: Up to $125,000/year.
  • Pilot Award: $50,000/year.


  • Young Investigator Award: 3 years.
  • Team Science Award: 3 years.
  • Team Science Academic-Industry Partnership Award: 3 years.
  • Pilot Award: 2 years.

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