ENA Symposium. Nutritional Programming, from theory to practice

In April 2012 (18th to 20th) a new Symposium will be organized in Tarragona, Spain, under the title “Early Nutrition Academy Symposia: Nutritional programming, from theory to practise”.
The Symposium is organized by the Paediatrics Unit of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, directed by Ricardo Closa?Monasterolo and Joaquín Escribano.
The Symposium will last 3 days. The first day will be dedicated to the “Nutrition of the preterm and the newborn small for gestational age “, the second day will be dedicated to “Nutrition and Cognition” and the third day to “Childhood Obesity”.
The possible attendees are e.g. nutritionists, paediatricians, and researchers in the field of paediatric nutrition.
Renowned leaders in their fields will give talks on selected subjects. Already confirmed speakers comprise Prof. Berthold Koletzko (Ludwigs?Maximilians?Universität of Munich, Germany), Prof. Michael Symonds (University of Nottingham, UK), Prof. Cristina Campoy (University of Granada, Spain), Dr. Pauline Emmett (University of Bristol, UK), Dr. Luis A. Moreno (University of Zaragoza, Spain), Dr.Elizabeth Isaacs (Institute of Child Health, University College, UK).


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