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Managing your project

Congratulations! Your project will be funded. After signing the grant agreement, the project will be carefully managed until its completion.

Factors to be taken into account

– Reporting: technical and financial reports must be submitted periodically to the funding agency.

– Results: you will probably have to demonstrate the results if you have committed yourself in the funding agreement (information, a special report, a technical schematic sheet, a list, a computer program, photos, etc.).

Controls, audits and reviews

Your project will be supervised by the funding organization to ensure that the commitments made are fulfilled. The process of controls and audits may include:

– The verification of the correct execution of the project according to the provisions of the grant agreement, including the verification that the results and reports are consistent with the description and work plan.

– Financing audits of the beneficiary’s accounts to verify the eligibility of the costs.


The grant agreement may be modified in case there are changes in its conditions. It will be necessary to study the specific case and request the corresponding modification.


It is important to make records and keep supporting documents to demonstrate that the project has been properly executed. This includes keeping track of eligible costs and the corresponding accounting.

If you have received funding, contact us and we will jointly manage your project.