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Preparing your proposal

The UPI offers technical support in the proposal preparation:

IDEA. Everything starts with an innovative idea, providing new knowledge and representing a clear advance in the state of the art of the treated topic, and thus ultimately benefiting the European society. In this sense, it should be taken into account the state of the art, that is to say, what is still pending from previous funded projects.

FITTING IN. It should be checked that the idea fits in the call. After studying the calls, it is selected the one that best suits your idea.

ANALYSIS. Before starting to write the proposal, it is necessary to read through the requirements of the call. It should be considered the objectives, the specific conditions of the call (budget, consortium,…), the degree of innovation, the administrative issues and other characteristics.

SCHEME. To consult the guidelines of the call and to follow the detailed recommendations. They usually specify the structure of the project and the characteristics that the consortium must have. It is recommended to draw up an outline of the project (objective, problem, solution, results, audience, work plan and consortium) to ensure that the objectives of the call are met.

CONSORTIUM. To seek out the best partners for the proposal that is being developed.

DRAFTING. It is time to transform the template into a winning proposal.

REVIEWING. The proposal should be reviewed before being submitted. It is also recommended to be reviewed and evaluated by an external person.

SUBMISSION. It is time to submit the proposal and upload it to the application. It is recommended to not wait until the last minute!

And remember the three Cs rule! Your proposal must be CLEAR, CONCISE and CONVENIENT!

If you want to access to the training about how to prepare an European proposal, please, contact with: upi@iispv.cat.