Workshop Genetics of Adiposity Leipzig – GOAL””

Recent advances in genetics and molecular biology contributed to the identification of thousands of genes and genetic variants involved in the pathophysiology of complex diseases such as obesity. Functional characterization and mechanistic elucidation of these genes and variants represents one of the major current challenges. A better knowledge of the function of obesity susceptibility genes will be crucial for understanding the complex aetiology of obesity and obesity-related complications and might even pave novel paths for treatment strategies for metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes. A main focus of future research is therefore to unravel the yet unknown biological function of these novel obesity genes. To do so, expertise from various research fields will be inevitable. Therefore, the GOAL meeting is dedicated to the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary research on obesity, integrating various aspects of genetic research including identification and functional analyses of genes for complex traits, their evolution, up to the potential translation of this knowledge in medicine. With an exclusive list of renowned speakers, we particularly approach and invite early and mid-career enthusiastic scientists to join us in a lively debate and exchange.

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