SIS. Sepsis, Inflammation and Critical Patient Safety


The SIS group is made up of a core of 10 doctoral researchers and 20 multidisciplinary clinical researchers who agree on interests and lines of research and who are jointly developing new projects in the field of sepsis, inflammation, safety in the critically ill, and health data analysis (BIG-DATA and Machine Learning).

  • María Bodí

  • Alejandro Rodriguez Oviedo

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María Bodí and Alejandro Rodríguez (responsible for the group) are members of CIBERes (ISCIII) node 14 (IP Dr. Antoni Torres). The group is structured around a responsible researcher (María Bodí) who is an associate professor at the URV, Head of the Intensive Care Unit of the HJ23 and Territorial Coordinator of Transplants in the province of Tarragona and Alejandro Rodriguez, also a professor associate of the URV and National Coordinator of the Serious Influenza / COVID-19 registry of the SEMICYUC.

Over the last few years, as a Consolidated Research Group (AGAUR), the Group’s different lines of research have been consolidated through a large number of national and international competitive projects, and a line of research has been consolidated. in health data with the incorporation of 4 data scientists. The SIS group has a high scienti fic output with more than 70 points of impact factor per year.

  • Sepsis: General and molecular epidemiology. Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment
  • Inflammation, hypoxia, and macro and microcirculatory disorders
  • Critical patient safety
  • Donation and Transplantation
  • ICT systems, quality, the safety of the critical patient
  • Data analysis in health, Big Data and Machine Learning

  • ICU-DaMa: (Intesive care Data Management) iDEPOT 102487

  • AASTRE: (Análisis Aleatorios de Seguridad en Tiempo Real) T-0629-2012


    Neuraminidase Inhibitors and Hospital Length of Stay: A Meta-analysis of Individual Participant Data toDetermine Treatment Effectiveness Among Patients Hospitalized With Nonfatal 2009 Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1) Virus Infection

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    Comment to «In reply tothe question: Are we really playing together in the same team?»

    Lomero-Martínez MM, Jiménez-Herrera MF, Bodí-Saera MA, Llaurado-Serra M,Masnou-Burrallo N, Oliver-Juan E, Sandiumenge-Camps A


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    Positive-pressure needleless connectors did not increase rates of catheter hubcolonization respecting the use of neutral-pressure needleless connectors in aprospective randomized trial

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    Interhospital Sepsis Code in Catalonia (Spain): Territorial model for initial care of patients with sepsis

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    Nutritrauma: A Key Concept for Minimisingthe Harmful Effects of the Administration of Medical Nutrition Therapy

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    Basic critical care echocardiography training of intensivists allows reproducibleand reliable measurements of cardiac output

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    Sepsis-3: More specific is better?

    Rodríguez A

    Med Clin (Barc)

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    In reply to «Veteran or novicein end-of-lifedecision-making in intensive care medicine? Promote ethicaldeliberation»

    Blazquez V, Rodríguez A, Sandiumenge A, Bodí M

    Med Intensiva

    DOI: 10.1016/j.medin.2019.10.010

  • Títol: Informacion, comunicacion y trabajo en equipo en medicina intensiva: Analisis Aleatorios de Seguridad en Tiempo Real relacionados con los sic y la traslacion conocmiento (AAESTRE-SIC)

    Òrgan finançador: Instituto de Salud Carlos III

    Any: 2016 – 2019

    Referència: PI16/00491

  • Títol: Daño miocardico en la neumonia neumococica grave como causa de mortalidad por eventos cardiovasculares agudos (NEUMOCAR)

    Òrgan finançador: Instituto de Salud Carlos III

    Any: 2016 – 2019

    Referència: PI16/00486

  • Title: Información, comunicación y trabajo en equipo en medicina intensiva: análisis aleatorios de seguridad en tiempo real realcionados con los SIC y la traslación conomimiento (AAESTRE-SIC) PI16/00491.

    Funding entity: Instituto de Salud Carlos III

    Duration: 2017 -2021

    Principal Investigator: María Bodí Saera

  • Title: 2017 SGR 00127 Suport a Grups de Recerca (SGR) IISPV-Fundació Salut (Consorci Sanitària del Maresme) Finançament- Grup de Recerca consolidat

    Funding entity: Ajuts SGR

    Duration: 2017 -2021

    Principal Investigator: María Bodí Saera

Team Members

  • Group leader

    • María Bodí
    • Alejandro Rodriguez Oviedo
  • Principal Investigators

    • Gonzalo Sirgo Luanco
    • Mónica Magret
  • Clinical Researchers

    • Christian Villavicencio
    • Federico Esteban Reboll
    • Ángel Pobo
    • Mari Carmen Gilabert
    • Sara Rosich
    • Iban Oliva
    • Iulen Leache
    • Gerard Moreno
    • Vanessa Blázquez
    • Sandra Canelles
    • Oriol Plans
    • Manuel Samper
    • Alfonso Gedea Martin
    • Ester Salvadó Geli
    • Ester Picó
    • Frederic Gómez Bertomeu
    • Raquel Carbonell
    • Marc Cartanya
    • Laura Claverias
    • Paula Perello
  • Data scientists

    • Josep Gómez
    • Eduard Mayol PhD
    • Jordi Albiol MsC
    • Manuel Ruíz
  • Coordinadora d'estudis

    • Sandra Trefler
  • Coordinadora d'estudis

    • Laura Canadell, Pharm, PhD
    • Sonia Jornet, Pharm
  • ICU- Pharmacy

    • Erika Esteve, Pitarch Pharm
    • Xavier Teixido Huertas
  • Secretary

    • Pilar Torné