Nutrition and Mental Health Group – NUTRISAM


The NUTRISAM group is an interdisciplinary group that aims to conduct epidemiological studies in the field of nutrition and mental health and investigate the relationship of nutritional factors with neurodevelopment and psychological problems in early life. The group’s work includes developing cohort studies in different population groups throughout life (pregnant women, infants, school-age children, adolescents, etc.) and intervention studies.

  • Victoria Arija Val

  • Josefa Canals Sans

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  • A clinical trial to evaluate the effect of theMediterranean diet on smokers lung function
  • Association of Iron Status and Intake During Pregnancy with NeuropsychologicalOutcomes in Children Aged 7 Years: The Prospective Birth Cohort Infancia y Medio Ambiente (INMA) Study
  • Consumption of free sugars and excess weight in infants A longitudinal study]
  • Differences infood consumption and nutritional intake between children with autism spectrumdisorders and typically developing children: A meta-analysis

Evaluation of food consumption in different population groups (pregnant women, infants, school-age children, adolescents).

The nutritional status and its relationship with mental health through a multidisciplinary approach (and taking into account the genetic determinants of the population, sex, physical activity, exposure to air pollutants and toxins of the home, stress, sleep habits, tobacco, alcohol, and drug use, infections and the socioeconomic environment.

Nutritional status and neurodevelopment: impact of hereditary and environmental factors on neurodevelopmental disorders.

Epidemiology of child and adolescent psychopathology.

Lifestyle intervention programs to promote mental health and well-being and prevent mental illness.


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  • Title: PI17/01754 Efecto de los factores prenatales maternos sobre el neurodesarrollo del niño.

    Funding entity: Instituto Carlos III

    Duration: 2018 – 2022

    Principal Investigator: Victoria Arija Val

Team Members

  • Group members

    • Victoria Arija Val
    • Josefa Canals Sans
  • Postdoctoral researcher

    • Carmen Hernández Martínez
    • Estefanía Aparicio
    • Núria Aranda Pons
    • Cristina Bedmar Carretero
    • Núria Voltas Moreso
    • Cristina Jardí Piñana
    • Paula Morales
  • PhD student

    • Lucía Iglesias Vázquez
    • Patricia Esteban Figuerola