IISPV health innovation at the Mobile World Congress!


Cristina Aluja

IISPV health innovation at the Mobile World Congress!

The most innovative projects of the IISPV have been present these days at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona. Specifically, we have brought RetinaReadRisk, Emma Molds, Biosfer Teslab and RecurDetect

Dr. Marc Baget presenting RetinaReadRisk

RetinaReadRisk integrates software and a mobile system based on artificial intelligence to detect and treat diabetic retinopathy in time. In Catalonia, the test to detect it (consists of examining the fundus of the eye with a non-mydriatic camera) is carried out in certain primary care centers (CAP), located mainly in cities. The spin-off that bears the same name as the project has been created to integrate this technology throughout the Catalan public health system, so that people could be examined by their family doctor without having to travel. More information here

Dr. Carlos López presenting Emma Molds.

The Emma Molds project has also been presented at this congress, which was born from the joint work of researchers from the Oncological Pathology and Bioinformatics Research Group of the IISPV (based at the Tortosa Verge de la Cinta Hospital) and professors from the Institut de l ‘Ebre (IE). Emma Molds was born with the vocation of devising and manufacturing paraffin molds known as tissue microarrays or TMAs (for its acronym in English), achieving an improved version of the one that currently exists on the market, so that each one of them can be more easily manipulated by the researcher. These molds are some of the most used in the field of research for the analysis of stains from patient biopsies. Its design allows a greater number of samples to be analyzed, while helping to quickly identify markers that indicate the prognosis of a disease. More information about the Emma Molds project here

Lydia Cabau and Sara Samino presenting the spin-off Biosfer Teslab.

On the other hand, Biosfer Teaslab, a spin-off of the Institute of Health Research Pere Virgili (IISPV) and the University Rovira i Virgili (URV) that operates in the field of in vitro diagnosis, was also present at this year’s Mobile Congress to offer analytical services to study and control alterations in lipid metabolism and their associated cardiovascular risk. Biosfer aims to reduce the time between basic scientific results and their future application in patients. It wants to become a European reference company in the analysis of biofluids using high-performance Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). More information

Maria Llambrich brought the project of her group: RecurDetect.

The researcher Maria Llambrich (Oncological, Translational, Epidemiological and Clinical Research Group -GIOTEC) of the IISPV and the Hospital Sant Joan de Reus presented the RecurDetect project (www.recurdetect.com), a non-invasive urine test for the diagnosis of recurrence/metastasis of colorectal cancer. This presentation (led by Xartec Salut) took place within the framework of the event called 4YFN, which brings together startups and different innovative projects of the Mobile World Congress, and which acts as a platform for digital business in this area, with 800 exhibitors and 350 speakers. More information on the GIOTEC group

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