Research in Oncological Pathology and Bioinformatics (PO&B)


The Research Group on Oncological Pathology and Bioinformatics (PO&B) is a specific platform for research activities focused on cancer and digital image analysis and mathematical modeling.

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  • Carlos López Pablo

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The PO&B team of the IISPV, based at the Hospital de Tortosa Verge de la Cinta, has been working for more than 15 years on the prevention and advanced diagnosis of cancer. Led by Dra. Marylène Lejeune and Dr. Carlos López, the PO&B team is an interdisciplinary group that includes pathologists, oncologists, hematologists, biologists, and computer specialists, with strategic clinical and methodological skills for the development of the group’s research lines. During all these years, the group has had different projects financed jointly with national collaborators (Rovira i Virgili University [URV] of Tarragona; University of Castilla-La Mancha; Puerta del Mar University Hospital of Cádiz; University of Las Palmas de Gran Canary Islands) and international (Nalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering in Warsaw, Poland; University of Caen, France).

The consolidated lines of research of the PO&B team focus on the study of the tumor microenvironment through digital image analysis and mathematical modeling. The immune response is one of the components of the tumor microenvironment that has been shown to play an important role in the evolution of cancer patients. Changes in the type and amount of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment have been related to differences in disease functionality. Our team has studied these changes through the development of new computer-assisted image analysis algorithms capable of providing more accurate and reproducible automated quantification of immune biomarkers with immunohistochemical and fluorescence staining.

The PO&B group has been recognized as a URV group since 2016, as an emerging group since 2009 and consolidated since 2014 by the Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR). Team members also coordinate the IISPV’s cross-platform and support platform for histological, pathological, and digitization studies.

The group is working with the strategic goal of improving the administration of current cancer treatments and detecting new therapeutic targets in breast cancer and lymphomas to reduce the risk of relapse and improve patient survival. The group’s lines of research are as follows:

1) Study of biomarker patterns of the tumor microenvironment. This line of research aims to identify patterns of immune response of the tumor microenvironment and etiological, pathophysiological, and prognostic factors linked to models of neoplasia progression (breast cancer and lymphoproliferative syndromes). These objectives can help to understand the biological mechanisms involved in the resistance to chemotherapy and the obtaining of new therapeutic targets with the capacity to intervene, as well as the constitution of new key factors in the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of these patients.

2) Morphometry and applied computing. This line of research aims to develop and improve new computer aids for computer-assisted image analysis to allow a more accurate and reproducible automated quantification of biomarkers of tumor cells and host of the tumor microenvironment with immunohistochemical staining. and fluorescence.

3) Translational research in hematological diseases: evaluation of diagnostic protocols and treatments. This line of research aims to expand the existing prior knowledge of blood diseases, of new procedures suitable for their diagnosis, and, very especially, of new treatments that allow the cure or at least prolong the life of the blood. people suffering from a hematological disease whether neoplastic or not.


    Clustered nuclei splitting based on recurrent distance transform in digital pathology images.

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    Application of a digital PCR method for WT1 to myeloid neoplasms in CR and deep ELN WT1 molecular response (<10 copies).

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  • Title: R-GDP with Lenalidomide (R2-GDP) in patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B cell lymphoma (r/r DLBCL) not suitable for high dose therapy and stem-cell transplantation.

    Funding entity: Celgene

    Duration: 2014-2019

    Principal Investigator: Luis de la Cruz Merino (GOTEL)

    Collaborationg investigators: T. Álvaro MD, PhD – M. Lejeune BSc, PhD

  • Title: Incidencia de carcinoma in situ y cáncer de cérvix específica por genotipo del virus del papiloma humano (VPH) en las provincias de Girona y de Tarragona.

    Funding entity: ICO

    Duration: 2014-2018

    Principal Investigator: Silvia de Sanjosé Llongueras

    Collaborationg investigators: R. Bosch MD.

  • Title: Análisis automatizado de biomarcadores del microambiente tumoral en cáncer de mama triple negativo sin respuesta patológica completa a la neoadyuvancia. Factores predictivos de recaída (PI13/02501).

    Funding entity: Instituto de Salud Carlos III

    Duration: 2014-06/2017

    Principal Investigator: M. Lejeune BSc, PhD.

  • Title: Desarrollo de metodologías automatizadas para establecer patrones de respuesta inmune mediante la cuantificación de marcadores inmunohistoquímicos en cáncer de mama (PI11/00488).

    Funding entity: Instituto de Salud Carlos III

    Duration: 2012-2014

    Principal Investigator: C. López BSc, PhD.

Team Members

  • Group Leader, PhD

    • Marylène Lejeune
    • Carlos López Pablo
  • Clinical researcher

    • Mª Teresa Giménez Pérez
    • Antonio Rizo Barrios
    • Daniel Mata Cano
    • Ramon Bosch Príncep
    • Tomàs Alvaro Naranjo
    • Montserrat Llobera Serentill
    • Xavier Ortín Font
    • Marta Rodríguez Luaces
  • Laboratory technicians

    • Ainhoa Montserrat Fontanet
    • Bàrbara Tomàs Arasa
    • Vanessa Gestí García
    • Anna Curto Subirats
    • Monsterrat Salvado Piñol
    • Noelia Burgués Llaó
    • Anna Suñé Martín
    • Eduard Nolla Villalonga
    • Almudena Nàgera Porres
    • Maria del Mar Barberà Marro
    • Beatriu Domènech Grau
    • Marc Iniesta Valldepérez
    • Maria Cinta Curto Anoll
    • Ana Guasch Bosch
  • Research and computer technicians

    • Jordi Baucells Lluís
    • Esther Sauras Colon
    • Júlia Casanova Ribes
  • External collaborators

    • Anna Korzynska
    • Benoît Plancoulaine
    • Nicolas Elie
    • Gustavo Marrero Callico
    • Gloria Bueno
    • Domènec Puig Valls
    • Marcial García-Rojo