The pandemic caused by COVID19 has caused a lot of damage to the health of the population, but it has also had a strong impact on society and the companies. Large, medium and small companies, institutions, associations and sports clubs have suffered an economic downturn. Many of them would like to collaborate in health research, but right now it is impossible for them.

The collaboration does not have to be economic, it can be helped without any expense, simply being NEAR to the IISPV.

Do you want to be NEAR to research until we return to social, economic and health “normality”? At no cost or commitment.

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Help us get our message across as far as you can.

Disseminate our logo and our brand in the media available: Web, Social Networks, commercial premises, etc.

Echo and help us explain our work. You will receive information about our findings, our scientific articles of national and global impact, our innovations, our successes, etc. Share it where you can.

Participate in our events, our talks, conferences and meetings (whenever possible for health safety).

We will put your logo in the Near section of our website and publish it on Social Networks.

We will not ask you for anything, only that when everything is “normalized” you will think of becoming a Collaborator.

For more information do not hesitate to contact the Fundraising and Patronage department:
667 301 301