FY23 Training Awards (JDRF)



Topic: Diabetes.

Destination: JDRF is a global funding agency with a substantial proportion of its grants awarded outside the United States. They encourage all qualified researchers interested in addressing the scientific and clinical challenges and gaps to cure type 1 diabetes and its complications to apply for funding. Decisions on funding are based on the quality, mission relevance, and priority of the proposed research. JDRF encourages submission of innovative, high-risk/high-reward, field-changing research proposals to accelerate its mission. Four awards are available:
Postdoctoral Fellowships: Designed to attract qualified, promising scientists entering their professional career in the T1D research field; intended for those in a relatively early state in their career.
Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowships: Designed to attract qualified, promising scientists to receive full time research training and to assist these promising individuals in transitioning from a fellowship to an independent (faculty-level) position.
Career Development Awards: Designed to attract qualified and promising scientists early in their faculty careers and to give them the opportunity to establish themselves in areas that reflect the JDRF research emphasis areas.
Early-Career Patient-Oriented Diabetes Research Awards: Designed to provide crucial support to investigators who plan to pursue a career in diabetes-related clinical investigation. Awards are made in the later stages of training and include the ability for recipients to transition to independent faculty or research appointments.

Budget: $57,984-150,000, depending on the award mechanism

Duration: 3-5 years.

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