The role of education technology sector – Polish lessons for Spanish regions

Learn about the latest Polish ed tech offer and meet experts on sustainable development and innovative technologies,
representatives of regional administration and local institutions, public and private primery school’s’, business tech
start ups delegates, edu tech distributors, MBA students, academic centres.

The on line education has become an important tool of teaching offer. The necessity to develop this area
was even forced by the pandemic when educational centres were closed. In Poland the Ed Tech market has
started to develop dynamically and effectively together with the IT industry that has achieved enormous progress
and success. Even before the pandemic in 2019, in the Sifted portal’s list of top European start-ups in the ed tech industry,
there were three Polish companies in it.

  • Consulate General of Poland in Barcelona
  • Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw
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  • 11:00h to 12:45h
  • Online