Descripción del trabajo

Organisation and recruiting unit: IISPV, NeuroÈpia Group.

Researcher career profiles (R1): Support Technician willing to initiate his/her research carrier with our Team (NeuroÈpia). Aiming to help with the coordination of a research project related with nutrition and child neurodevelopment and aiming to publish papers as first author in top international journals of the field. Being the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) the funding entity, this position is related with the FIS project NUTINBRAIN (PI21/00266), Co-funded by European Regional Development Fund “A way to make Europe” relating the consumption of nuts and fish with child neuropsychological development. The Researcher will help the PI in the coordination of the project, data harmonization, data analyses and writing scientific manuscripts.

Education and qualification: University Degree in Biology, Medicine, Nursery, Psychology or technical science carriers linked to health science. High scores in the degree will be also assessed.

Competencies: Background in statistics and epidemiology is important in order to do data analyses and write scientific papers. Good communication skills and competencies to work in group will be also assessed. Good English level is important as well.

Knowledge and professional experience: The junior Researchers with some scientific experience in the field of epidemiology and public health, for example being done the master thesis in epidemiology.

Number of available positions: 1


Application procedure and deadline:

Applicants must fill the form below with their personal data and upload a full Curriculum Vitae before February 3rd, 2022

Condiciones laborales

Full-time position (40h/week)

Starting date: during February 2022.

Length of the contract: One position of 18 months.

Gross annual salary: 22.438,48€

Workplace: IISPV, Reus (Tarragona). Close to Barcelona and connected by train (100 km).