Descripción del trabajo

The Ophthalmology Research Group – RETIPROGRAM belongs to the Institut d’Investigació Sanitària Pere Virgili (IISPV). The candidate will be part of the research project “Diabetic Retinopathy risk assessment using image-based deeplearning and clinical variables. RetinaReadRisk” with Official Code: 220718 funded by the EIT Health.


The selected candidate will perform the following tasks:

  • Perform external ophthalmology consultations (visual sharpness, internal pressure, exploration, light).
  • Capture of images OCT. imatges
  • Capture of biometric images.
  • Data collection and spreadsheets (Excel, SPSS).
  • Analysis of scientific results and articles.
  • Broadcasting results and communication at congresses.

Number of available positions: 5

  • 2 positions for the Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus
  • 3 positions for the Hospital Universitari Joan XXIII


  • Degree in Optica and Optometry.


  • Experience in the manipulation of following equipment, Optical coherence tomography (OCT), retinography, biometry and corneal tomography.
  • Experience in retinal imaging and diagnosis.
  • Experience as optometrist in a hospital, mínimum 1 year.
  • Residence near the hospitals.


  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English spoken and written
  • Teamworking, ability to work independently, to organize, kindness, dynamism, versatility, rigour, responsability and confidentiality
  • Carry out research under supervision;
  • Have the ambition to develop knowledge of research methodologies and discipline;
  • Have demonstrated a good understanding of a field of study;
  • Have demonstrated the ability to produce data under supervision;
  • Be capable of critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas;
  • Be able to explain the outcome of research (and value thereof) to research colleagues


  • Selection of CV’s. Suitable and unsuitable CV’s will be identified according to the requirements. Applicants who do not meet the requirements indicated in the candidate profile and requirements will not pass to the next phase.
  • Evaluation of the CV. Evaluation of the CVs up to a maximum score of 40 points.
  • Cover Letter. Attach to the resume a cover letter with a maximum length of 2500 characters with spaces. With a maximum score of 20 points.


To access the interview phase it is necessary to have obtained a minimum score of 40 points in the sum of scores of the evaluation of the curriculum and cover letter

  • Personal interview. With a maximum score of 40 points.


Items 40
Attitude 10
Fit in the work place 10
Experience, developed functions/skills 10
Teamwork 10



  • President: Pere Romero (Group Leader)
  • Chair 1: Marc Baget (Principal Investigator)
  • Chair 2: Ángel Bautista (Clinical Researcher)


  • President: Esther Santos (Principal Investigator)
  • Chair 1: Aida valls (Principal Investigator)
  • Chair 2: Maria Teresa Hernandez (Clinical Researcher)


  • The CV must include the number in DNI / NIE or personal identity document.
  • Send the CV and the Cover Letter through the IISPV website. https://www.iispv.cat/es/oferta-de-treball/ic54_22-lipid-laboratory-technician/

For any questions or queries: recruitment@iispv.cat



The IISPV will inform the candidates if they have been admitted or excluded to access the interview.

Condiciones laborales

  • Part-time position: 3-10h/week, according to the hospital timetable and the Ophtalmology unit availability in agreement with the Principal Investigator.
  • Workplace:
    • 2 positions for the Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus.
    • 3 positions for the Hospital Universitari Joan XXIII.
  • Contract: Indefinite of Scientific-technical activities related to the RETIPTOGRAM project (Approximate duration of 4 months).
  • Group: Ophthalmology Research Group – RETIPROGRAM
    • Gross annual salary: 6.660€ -2.000 € (depending on dedication)
    • Starting date: november 2022