Oncology, Translational, Epidemiological and Clinical Research Group (GIOTEC)


The IISPV’s Cancer Research Group aims to research the three main levels of oncological knowledge: population level, individual level, and molecular level.

  • Joan Lluís Borràs Balada

  • Josep Gumà Padró

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At the population level, epidemiological data are studied from the Tarragona Cancer Registry and the results of population screening programs are reported.

From the individual point of view (patient-level), clinical trials are performed with new drugs or new combinations of the same in most tumor locations.

At the basic or molecular level, the Unit focuses on mutations in hereditary cancer, somatic tumor mutations, the relationship between lipids and cancer, and metabolomic studies in different tumors from both a diagnostic and prognostic point of view.

Clinical research

a. Clinical trials in phases II and III, and Real-World Studies of the main tumor locations.
b. Basket Trial-type clinical trials for tumors with certain genetic mutations.
c. Studies of prognostic and predictive response factors.

Epidemiological research

Responsible: Dr. Jaume Galceran
a. In the field of epidemiological research, it focuses on population-based studies related to the Tarragona Cancer Registry.
b. In the field of prevention research focuses on studies related to cancer screening.

Basic and translational research

a. Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer: a study of mutations of uncertain significance in BRCA genes, application of Next Generation Sequencing in the identification of new pathogenic mutations, and metabolomics of hereditary breast cancer cell lines.
Responsible: Dra. Marta Rodríguez

b. Precision oncology. Somatic study. Study of tumor mutations, including liquid biopsy, for clinical and research application, the basis of new therapeutic targets. Joint collaboration between the Pathological Anatomy Service, Medical Oncology and the Genetic Counseling Unit.
Responsible: Dr. Francesc Riu

c.  Lipid metabolism and cancer: the role of fatty acid transporter proteins in tumor progression (Collaboration with the IISPV Lipid Unit).
Responsible: Dr. Josep Gumà / Dra. Sandra Guaita 

d.  Metabolomics: Metabolic profile in biological fluids for early diagnosis of colorectal cancer, as a predictor of response to immunotherapy in lung cancer, and as a prognostic factor in aggressive lymphomas.
Responsible: Dr. Josep Gumà

Research in psychooncology
Responsible: Dra. Agustina Sirgo

a. Study the impact of oncological disease. At the social level, the study of the benefits of the self-help group of women with breast cancer.


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    Guies de pràctica clínica

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Team Members

  • Group leader

    • Joan Lluís Borràs Balada
  • Responsable de grup

    • Josep Gumà Padró
  • Group leader

    • Agustina Sirgo Rodríguez
    • Marta Rodríguez Balada
    • Francesc Riu Ferrando
    • Sandra Guaita Esteruelas
    • Jaume Galceran Padrós
  • PhD

    • Bàrbara Roig Bourgine
    • Karla Peña González
    • David Parada Domíngues
    • Xavier Cardó Moreno
  • Pre-Doctoral Researcher

    • Clara Beatriz Lucia Gozálvez
    • José Adrià Cebrián
  • MD

    • Sara Serrano Solares
    • Belen Ruiz Aguado
    • Beatriz Rubio Cantavella
    • Dulce Rodríguez Mesa
    • Jana Repkovà
    • Rosana Queralt Escarré
    • Sergio Peralta Muño
    • Félix Muñoz Boza
    • Vanesa Morente Laguna
    • Maria José Miranda Pallares
    • Sandra Merino Varela
    • Mireia Melé Olivé
    • Maria Masvidal Hernández
    • Francisca Martínez Madueño
    • Cristina Martí Blanco
    • Inés Cabezas Montero
    • David Ricardo Bottaro Parra
    • Kepa Amillano Parraga
    • Cinta Albacar Miró
  • Senior researcher

    • Cristina Miracle Huguet
    • Marta Vilaró Pacheco
    • Francina Saladié Roiget
    • Clàudia Pla González
    • Sara Fernández Castillejo
    • Xavier Collado Castro
    • Marià Carulla Areste
    • Jàmnica Bigorra Román
    • Alberto Ameijide Sánchez
  • DUI

    • Montse Sánchez Galino
    • Mònica Salvat Casas
    • M. Dolors Salsench Boronat
    • Montserrat Querol Garcia
    • Margarita Moreno Mancho
    • Sandra Mateu Riba
    • Araceli Jiménez López
    • Francesca Isern Català
    • Immaculada Grau Farrús
    • Berta Caballé Gutiérrez
  • Technician

    • Laia Llauradó March
    • Lydia Díaz Suárez
    • Alexandra Cabré Pedrosa
    • Anna Alimbau Sendrós