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Promoting the internationalization of research is one of the strategic objectives of the IISPV. The International Projects Unit (UPI) is the office in charge of ensuring the fulfillment of these objectives through the coordination of all the tasks of internationalization of health research carried out at the territorial level.

In particular, the UPI performs the following tasks:

– Information and advisory service to researchers on international funding programs.

– Creation and coordination of communities (including the URV) and institutional alliances at the international level.

– Attracting international talent to the IISPV.

The UPI also monitors scientific production indicators to ensure that research at the IISPV is aligned with the objectives set by the Steering Committee.

In collaboration with the Communication, Innovation and Training departments, the UPI ensures that the work carried out by IISPV researchers has the maximum international impact.

1. Support in international funding for research personnel

The UPI promotes the internationalization of the institution’s research groups that allows the attraction of international funds, especially within the Horizon Europe framework program. The principal missions of the unit are the following:

– Identification of international funding opportunities and dissemination of calls for proposals.

– Acting as a connection node with international funding agencies (public and private) and national contact points (NCPs).

– Preparation of joint proposals with the research staff.

– Organize information and training activities.

– Organization of test interviews for the preparation of ERC applications.

The UPI leads all projects in the area of health and also interdisciplinary projects where health and welfare play an important role, whether they belong to the unit, to other groups of the URV or to external organizations.

2. Creation of communities and alliances

At the IISPV, it is known that the main issues facing the health system cannot be solved individually. The institute is aware of the importance of collaborations with other external entities in order to better respond to the issues, thus, the creation of strategic alliances is as a priority for the IISPV.

The UPI coordinates all tasks aimed at promoting internationalization and/or the implementation of European funding projects.

In 2017, the management team of the IISPV, IDBGI and IRBLleida signed the CATIONS agreement (2017) for collaboration among the international promotion units of the three Institutes. This agreement aims at the internationalization of the three institutes and a greater visualization at international level of the scientific activity of our researchers.

In addition, the UPI collaborates with the URV for the promotion of international projects in the health area of the Tarragona province.

3. Recruitment of international talent at the IISPV

The recruitment of talent is one of the priorities within the growth objectives of the IISPV. The recruitment of international research personnel is of vital importance for the creation of an intercultural, enriching environment and for the creation of collaborations with other European institutions.

The UPI collaborates with researchers and with the institution for the proximity of foreign talent. In particular, UPI has experience with Marie Curie applications and in the selection process of research staff.