Programme for the Study of the Role of the Kidney in Diabetes- EFSD


 EFSD and Janssen have established a partnership to encourage new projects aimed at advancing current knowledge in the role of the kidney in diabetes. 

To achieve the goals and objectives of this Programme, EFSD and Janssen invite applications by issuing this "Request for Applications" (RFA), which indicates joint funding as well as areas of research emphasis. 

The EFSD/Janssen Programme for the Study of the Role of the Kidney in Diabetes is intended to stimulate and accelerate European research aimed at understanding the role of the kidney in diabetes. The emphasis of the Programme is on renal glucose handling and metabolism, and in particular its physiological and pathophysiological role in type 2 diabetes. To achieve its goals, the partnership seeks to support basic and clinical research in this scientific area.


Termini IISPV

Cal comunicar abans del 28 de gener de 2013 que es vol participar a la convocatòria, enviant un e-mail a . Termini: 4 de febrer de 2013

Termini Oficial

Applications for research grants may be subjected to pre-review (or triage) procedures. In this event, any application rejected at pre-review will not be subject to a complete scientific review. The deadline for receipt of research grant applications for funding this year is 15 February 2013

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