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Grant type- Description

* The Training Grant (TG) Program supports a small research project such as a MSc or PhD thesis project or another training endeavor.

* The Pilot Grant PG) Program of the Foundation provides support for pilot research that has a high potential to lead to a subsequent full research project grant. Usually the Foundation does not support nutritional survey research. Often to be able to identify areas of problems for potential intervention one has to collect baseline data. A pilot study (pre-study or baseline study) will create the needed data for a larger research project. The PG program may assist this. The pilot-study and PG usually represent the starting point for a later full research grant application(i.e. a SRG or LRG) to the Foundation.

* The Small Research Grant (SRG) provides support of a small research study. This mayeven represent a continuation of a TG or also a PG.

*Large Research Grant (LRG): Full grant application of a complete research proposal according to the guidelines.

* Re-Entry Grants (REG): To encourage the return and re-establishment of post-graduate students into their careers in their own countries, the Foundation will support a research program for eligible candidates. The host institution will need to guarantee a post for the returnee and ensure career development within the host institution. Contribution of support to the eligible candidate from the host institution is essential, while support and collaboration from the overseas institution where the candidate trained is helpful.

Termini IISPV

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Termini Oficial

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