Explore New Ways to Measure Brain Development and Gestational Age



This call for proposals seeks new approaches in two complementary areas:

1.We seek innovative ideas for measuring brain function and development, with a focus on tests that are simple, reliable, non-invasive, objective, universally applicable, and include those appropriate for fetal life, newborns, and early infancy. Such tests would be used to guide and monitor existing and new health interventions, and potentially could be used to establish standard curves of brain function-for-age, enabling early detection of deviation from healthy development.
2.We seek new approaches for accurately measuring gestational age, focusing on simple, reliable, non-invasive, universally applicable tests that can be applied either to pregnant women or to the newborn or infant.

We seek proposals that:
•Build on the rapidly growing knowledge of early development – and in particular brain development – as well as advances in measurement tools, such as imaging technologies;
•Are "off the beaten track," daring in premise, and clearly differentiated from approaches currently being developed or employed; and
•Have a testable hypothesis, include an associated plan for how the idea would be tested or validated, and yield interpretable and unambiguous data in Phase I so as to increase the chance of consideration for Phase II funding.


Termini IISPV

IISPV’s deadline: October 10, 2014 (europa@iispv.cat)

Full proposal: IISPV’s deadline: November 3, 2014

Termini Oficial

Deadline: Nov. 12, 2014

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