ESWI- Influenza Award for Young Scientists


To advance research in the influenza field by Young Scientists, ESWI launches its award for the most promosing body of work in flu research.

The competition is open to all Young Scientists throughout the world, and will be judged by an international committee of inuenza experts.

• Young Scientists are welcome to apply for the prize. Applicants must hold a PhD or a clinical
qualification for no longer than 5 years at the time of the application.

• Special considerations (e.g. maternety/paternity leave) will be taken into account.
• Applicants should submit an executive summary report of their work as well as a proof of status in the form of an official university certificate or letter which is signed by the supervisor/ departmental head to
before 10 december 2013.

Termini IISPV

Cal comunicar abans del 15 de novembre de 2013 que es vol participar a la convocatòria, enviant un e-mail a . Termini: 2 de desembre de 2013. L’IISPV gestiona les ajudes dels seus investigadors, no és l’entitat convocant.

Termini Oficial

Fecha límite 2013-12-10

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