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The objectives of AICR are to promote, conduct and support research and surveys in cancer, its possible causes, treatment, associated conditions and its effects (physical, social or otherwise), and to promote publication of useful results of such research.

AICR awards grants to support fundamental or translational research into the causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. AICR does not support clinical research. AICR will consider applications that include some clinical research in a project which is mostly basic or translational. However, completely clinical applications, such as intervention studies, clinical trials or health care delivery research are beyond the remit of AICR.

Participants eligibility: AICR project grants are awarded to a single applicant, who is known as the principal investigator (PI) or grantholder. For collaborative projects one of the collaborators must be designated as the PI. The PI must be based at and have a contract (of employment, honorary appointment or equivalent) with a recognised, non-profit, research institution (i.e. university, hospital or research institute), anywhere in the world, for the duration of the grant requested.

The PI must have sufficient experience to suggest they can conduct independent research e.g. PhD and three years post-doc research experience, or a similar level of qualification and experience. If the PI is not the head of the laboratory or group leader where the research will be conducted, the head or laboratory or group leader must be a co-investigator on the application.

Termini IISPV

Declaration of interest: IISPV’s deadline: March 1st, 2014 (  Full proposal: IISPV’s deadline: April 15th, 2014

Termini Oficial

April 2014 Round
Opening date: 10th February 2014. Submissions open: 1st April 2014
Closing date: Friday 25th April 2014 Relevant Committee Meeting: October 2014
Applicants told results: October 2014. Funding Commences: on or after 1st January 2015

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