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Nutrition and Metabolism

Biomedical Research Unit

Unitat de recerca biomèdica (URB)


Team members

Team leader

Jorge Joven Maried

  • Carlos Alonso-Villaverde
  • Montserrat Fibla Simó
  • Salvador Fernández Arroyo
  • Vicente Martín Paredero

Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Anna Hernández Aguilera
  • Isabel Fort Gallifa
  • Jordi Camps Andreu

Resarchers in training

  • Fedra Luciano Mateo
  • Gerard Baiges Gayà
  • Noemí Cabre


Our group focuses on the relationship among inflammation, oxidation and metabolism. These processes are so closely related that we believe they could be responsible for an increase in the risk of non-transmissible diseases such as obesity, arteriosclerosis and cancer.


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