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Nutrition and Metabolism

Research Group on Functional Nutrition, Oxidation and Cardiovascular Diseases. NFOC-health group

Grup de recerca en Nutrició Funcional, Oxidació i Malalties Cardiovasculars. NFOC-salut group

Scientific Output

Year IF Total publications Q1 Q2
2014 42,05 8 8  
2015 65,67 18 10 2
2016 53,47 15 12 3

Team members

Team leader

Rosa Solà Alberich

Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Anna Pedret Figuerola
  • Elisabet Llauradó Ribé
  • Laura Rubió Piqué
  • Lucía Tarro Sánchez
  • Maria Rosa Nogués Llort
  • Marta Romeu Ferran
  • Montserrat Giralt Batista
  • Núria Taltavull Anglada
  • Rosa M. Valls Zamora
  • Úrsula Catalán Santos


  • Sara Fernández Castillejo
  • Vanessa Sánchez-Martos


  • Experimental models: identify the mechanisms of action and toxicity of new bioactive compounds and functional foods with potential preventative activity against prevalent pathologies.
  • During the 2014-2016 period, the MEFOPC project (Metabolic Fate of Olive Oil Phenolic Compounds in Humans: Nutrigenomic Effects) was carried out in which we had the objective of studying the mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction modulated by the " Hydroxytyrosol action and metabolites of hydroxytyrosol through experimental models.
  • Human studies: study the impact of bioactive compounds on population health by conducting interventional, bioavailability studies and consumer markers.
  • Health promotion: conduct educational intervention studies in different populations to adopt healthy lifestyles in diet and physical activity. Integrate the promotion of health in university education.


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