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Nutrition and Metabolism

Ophthalmology research group - RETIPROGRAM

Grup de recerca en Oftalmologia - RETIPROGRAM


Team members

Team leader

Pere Romero Aroca

  • Ester Santos Blanco
  • Isabel Méndez Marín
  • Jordi Colomé Campos
  • Jordi Martín Avià
  • Marc Baget Bernaldiz
  • Noemi Rosello Silvestre
  • Núria Soler Lluís
  • Patricia Pujol Gomis
  • Sofia de la Riva Fernàndez

Resarchers in training

  • Raquel Verges Puig
  • Raul Navarro Gil


Our Group research objectives are:

  • Development of Clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) with automatic reading system of retinal imaging of systemic diseases that affect the retina. Aimed primarily for diabetes, arterial hypertension and arteriosclerosis, and including ocular pathologies as age macular degeneration (AMD) and retina vascular occlusion pathologies.
  • Expertise in diabetic retinopathy epidemiology.
  • Paraxonase PON study in anterior segment and retina diseases.


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