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Nutrition and Metabolism

Metabolomic Platform

Plataforma metabolòmica


Team members

Team leader

Xavier Correig Blanchar

Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Esteban Del Castillo Pérez
  • Jesús Brezmes Llecha
  • Nicolau Cañellas Alberich
  • Noelia Ramírez González
  • Oscar Yanes Torrado
  • Sara Samino Gené

Researcher contributor

  • Maria Vinaixa Crevillent
  • Radu Ionescu
  • Raquel Cumeras Olmeda


  • Serena Pujol Paulí

Resarchers in training

  • Daniel Cañueto Rodríguez
  • Dídac Vilalta Montlleó
  • Jordi Capellades Tomàs
  • Josep Gómez Álvarez
  • Josep Mª Badia Aparicio
  • Miriam Navarro Sanz
  • Pere Ràfols Soler
  • Ruben Barrilero Regadera
  • Sònia Torres
  • Xavier Domingo Almenara


The Metabolomic Platform aims primarily to develop metabolotic techniques and apply them in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology, working as an integrated laboratory, where objectives, dimensions and characteristics of the set of samples and experimental designs are defined. The experimental data are processed by our human team, and we facilitate the interpretation of results, providing sound, relevant and useful clinical conclusions for the different research groups. The equipment currently available in the NMR and LC / GC-MS field allows large-scale analysis of body fluids (eg serum or urine), as well as tissues or biopsies of patients and / or animal models.

The use of advanced statistics, chemometrics and multivariate algorithms allows transforming a large set of data into metabolic profiles, and ultimately clinical information. Our goal is to introduce metabolomics as a complementary research tool for both clinical diagnoses and to elucidate the unknown mechanisms associated with a particular disease. The Metabolomic Platform is especially aimed at the needs of the Research Groups of the CIBERDEM and the URV, but the potential scientific collaborations are also available for other CIBER Groups.



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