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Are you ready to prepare a MSCA IF proposal for the 2019 call?

Individual Fellowships of Marie S.Curie calls are a great opportunity to recruit and support excellent junior researchers from abroad.

Individual Fellowships (IF) play a key role in perform research in the H2020 program.
IF aim to help experienced researchers (who already have a doctorate or equivalent experience) to advance their careers and gain new skills through advanced training, international mobility, and optional intersectoral secondments. European Fellowships are held in Member States and are open to researchers either coming to Europe or moving within Europe. Global Fellowships are based on a secondment to a third country and a compulsory 12 month return phase in a Europe host organisation. 

The application must be made jointly with a host institution (and a scientific supervisor) that will play an active role in supervising research objectives and shaping the Career Development Plan of the fellow, wich includes trainning programme and professional development.

What will be funded? Bottom up Research projects with a duration of 1-2 years (in some cases 3 years) with a generous annual Budget 79.000-135.000€ that includes funding for salary, mobility allowance, contribution to research costs, management & overheads
All areas of research are covered by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (LIF, etc...)

Host Institution (Beneficiary): universities, research organisations and companies located in an EU Member State or Associated Country.

Secondments: Applicants are strongly encouraged to incorporate a secondment to another organisation into their fellowship plans. Ideally this secondment should be to an organisation in another sector e.g. a researcher carrying out a fellowship at a university might consider a secondment in private sector.

Mobility rule (no+12/3): Researchers may not have spent more than 12 months during the last three years in the country of their future host organisation. *(Relaxed mobility rule (no+36/5): Researchers may not have spent more than 36 months during the last five years in the country of their future host organisation).

Let's start!

  Deadline: 11 September 2019


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