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Research Networking Programme CONGENOMICS - Call for organising scientific meetings


One of the main pillars of the ESF ConGenomics networking programme is to organise and/or support the organisation of scientific meetings and workshops. In 2013, a call will be announced for the organisation of a scientific meeting or workshop within the field of conservation genomics.

The scientific meeting or workshop should primarily focus at PhD students and postdocs who have some background knowledge in genetics and conservation biology, and who show a strong interest in learning more about topics specifically related to the application of genomic techniques in conservation biology. The workshop can include oral sessions with invited and registered participants, plenary discussions and poster presentation sessions.

We invite proposals for organising a scientific meeting or workshop in 2013. The meeting will have to be on topics within the scope of ConGenOmics, which include:
- development and transfer of genomic knowledge and approaches in a conservation context
- experimental study of the (genomic) mechanisms behind important biological processes of relevance for conservation
- application and development of data handling and processing strategies in conservation genomics
- application of community and metagenomics in conservation biological context

The meeting should have a European dimension. A maximum of Euro 25000 is available for organization. Please carefully read the ESF guidelines for organising science meetings.

Termini oficial

Closure date: June 15 2013

Termini IISPV

Cal comunicar abans de l'8 de juny de 2013 que es vol participar a la convocatòria, enviant un e-mail a europa@iispv.cat . Termini: 14 de juny de 2013

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