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The Mycology and Environmental Microbiology Unit

The Mycology and Environmental Microbiology Unit has carried out sound research tasks since 1983, internationally valued for the high quality of its scientific output.


The research activity that is developed can be grouped into 4 fundamentals:

  • Medical Mycology: the study of fungi causing disease in humans and its treatment.
  • Fungal diversity: the taxonomic study of fungal species already known and others new to science using classical and molecular techniques.
  • Histopathology: development of histological techniques for the diagnosis of fungal infections as well as tools for evaluation of experimental treatments.
  • Environmental microbiology: Studies were performed with bacteria as indicators of water quality for human consumption as well as the virulence factors of these microorganisms and their effects on the population.



• Techniques of isolation and cultivation of filamentous fungi from clinical samples and environmental substrates.
• Microscopic identification of fungi in clinical and environmental sources.
• Epidemiological studies and molecular identification based on the study of ITS and RFLP.
• PCR amplification.
• DNA sequencing.
• Genotypic studies of microorganisms for MLST and DNA-DNA hybridisation.
• Determination of in vitro resistance / sensitivity of fungi to antifungals.
• Establishment of infection models in mice, rabbits and guinea pigs.
• Evaluation of experimental treatments in animal models.
• Determination of serum levels for bioassay of antifungals.
• Diagnostic immunoassay.
• Processing, staining and histological analysis of samples (H & E, GMC, PASS ...).
• Evaluation of microbiological contamination of water.
• Cloning of virulence factors in Aeromonas and Arcobacter.
• Deletion of putative virulence genes.



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