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The Biobanc-IISPV platform is a biological sample bank available to the IISPV researchers, and external researchers or other personnel who require the services.

IISPV Biobanc facilities

The IISPV-Biobanc works with just one management programme and has three sedes físicas , in Reus, Tarragona and Tortosa.

Reus (Hospital Universitari de Sant Joan)

  • Scientific coordinator: Elisabet Vilella
  • Technical coordination: Núria Palau and Lídia Figuera
  • Technical personnel: Carme Arbós and Jordina Saladié
  • Address: Biobanc IISPV-Reus. Hospital Universitari de Sant Joan. C/ Sant Joan, s/n. 43201 Reus.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 977 310 300 ext 5603
  • Equipment: 3 x freezers at -150°C, 12 x freezers at -86°C, 2 x freezers at -20°C, 3 x Centrifuges, 1 x 8-channel Robot, 1 x BIO2A biological safety cabinet, 2 x CO2 incubators, 1 x NanoDrop Spectrophotometer, 2 x thermostatic baths.

Tarragona (Hospital Universitari Joan XXIII)

  • Scientific coordinator: Joan Josep Sirvent
  • Technical coordination: Lluís Gallart
  • Technical personnel: Miriam Campos and Igancio Velasco
  • Address: Mallafré Guasch, 4
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 977 29 58 23
  • Equipment: 1 x freezer -150°C, 12 x freezers -86°C, 5 x freezers -20°C, 1x 24K vN2 Tank, 1 x IceCube 14S progressive criofreeze system, 1 x eCentron atmosphere control and monitor, 2 x centrifuges, 1 x BioStar Plus biological safety cabinet, 1 x CO2 incubator.

Tortosa (Hospital Universitari Verge de la Cinta)

  • Scientific coordinator: Dr. Ramon Bosch Príncep
  • Technical coordination: Dra. Marylène Lejeune
  • Technical personnel: Sra. Bárbara Tomás Arasa
  • Address: BioBanco HTVC - Hospital de Tortosa Verge de la Cinta -  C/ Esplanetes, 14 – 43500 Tortosa
  • Email:,
  • Telephone: 977 519 104 (extensió 2231 – 2304)
  • Equipment: 2 x freezers -86°C, 2 x freezers -20°C, 1 x extraction bell, 1 x BIO2A biological safety cabinet, 1 x centrifuge, 1 x liquid nitrogen tank.


  1. Opening of a sample collection. Consultancy on the current legislation in relation to the use and storage of biological samples, the possible protocols to apply, the type of specimens to process and the optimization of aliquots to store.
  2. Temporary registration and storage of biological samples.
  3. Long-time registration and storage of biological samples.
  4. Processing of biological samples (solids and liquids).
  5. Separation of elements from biological samples (separation of blood cells, isolation of DNA and RNA, serum / plasma, tissues, among others).
  6. The transformation of lymphocytes in lymphoblastoid lines by the Virus Epstein Barr technique.
  7. Dispatch of biological samples to other destinations (national and international) according to IATA requirements.
  8. Delivery of annual reports of the current inventories to the custodians of the collections.
  9. Management of private collections.


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